Papergirl is a free art distribution project originating in Berlin, making art accessible to everyone. We are pedal-powered and believe in the value of supporting local communities.

The 2017 project is in the works -check the blog to see what’s coming up.

What happens in a Papergirl project?
A call for 2D artworks is made to the local community. The artworks are collected and every single work submitted is exhibited. The works are then rolled up, and delivered by Papergirls & Paperboys to the unsuspecting public via bicycle. Volunteers get the opportunity to take part in the art of giving art and become a member of a community of artists, placemakers and friends. The last project included an international art exchange with Bristol:


This year we are doing an art exchange with Bristol in the UK. Send in your work to be shown in Bristol and we will be putting on an exhibition this summer to show Bristol's submissions!

2015 Papergirl YYC Exhibition

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